Friction, Rocketeering & Cocktails of the World

10 - 50 PAX


Including the Following: PA System, MC/Host, Full Program of Events, Teams will Design & Construct a Friction Car, Prizes for the Winning Teams. Friction Events Including: Each Team will Have to Build a Model Car with the Materials Received. The Car will Have to Hold Together on a Track. Team Members will be Assigned Different Duties to Perform Teams will be Judged on Following Criteria: Fastest & Longest Ride, Best Breaking, Best Build. Rocketeering Events Including: Teams are Divided into Departments Needed to Create Parts of a Rocket and in the End Brought Together to Make a Complete Rocket that will be Fired. Cocktails of the World Events Including: UEE will have a Bar Set Up Where Teams will be bale to Collect Ingredients & Mix, Each Team will Receive a Set of Tools & Shakers to Mix & Create there Cocktails.......
Including the Following: PA Sy...... Read More